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Yorkshire Terrier

Facts about Yorkies!

  • Yorkies are energetic and feisty

  • Yorkies are affectionate and want lots of attention

  • Yorkies are known to be 5 to 7 pounds and some are 10 to 12 pounds.

  • Yorkies coats are know to be long and straight. Most common color is blue and tan. While some do come in a rare color called Parti. 

  • Yorkies life span is between fourteen to sixteen years with good care and loving. 

  • Yorkies do require daily brushing for long hair. When hair is left short, brushing one to two times a week is  perfect. 

  • Yorkies are a great for apartment or house dogs

  • Yorkies are good with kids

  • Yorkies do require daily exercise.

  • Yorkies are intelligent and east to train.

  • Yorkies do have a tendency to bark

Our Babies

All of Stephanie's Yorkies are  AKC Registered. 



Kensi loves to be on your lap. She is your bigger size Yorkshire Terrier, weighing at 10lbs. We sometimes call her hopper because she can jump! Kensi loves attention and will stay next to you all day if she could.  She is a great watchdog. She likes to look out the window to make sure the house is safe. 



Cooper is our Male Parti-Yorkie. Copper is six pounds. He is our most active yorki. He loves to run in the backyard. Loves to play with toys. Copper is one to not be on your lap. 

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