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Puppy Training 

Do you have a new pup? 

We can help you with the training. 


We teach you baby the basics. With this package we work on these techniques below. Program is 8 weeks long. We will teach not only your furry friend, but we teach you as well. That way your pup and you are on the same page. I use the good reinforcement training with a clicker. I do not spank, or yell at my pups.


  1. Bed

  2. Leave it

  3. Sit

  4. Stay

  5. Come

  6. Drop it


Program details

  1. Puppies 12-20 weeks old

  2. 8 weeks Class

    1. Each week we will learn each step. With weeks 7 and 8 you both will show that they have mastered it

  3. Come 3 x a week for 30 to 45 mins

  4. Payment plan

  5. Live support



    Price: 300.00

    1. add potty training for 100.00





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