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Find My Furry Baby!

One service I provide is helping people find their new family member. We want to give people the best friend that they have been looking for. I have partnered up with different dog owners that have been screen by me, meaning puppies are coming from a great family and breeder. I also stand behind my partners in their warranty.  If you have seen my babies, they are the best of the best because they are mine. This is how you should fell about your new furry family member and also have that confidence in getting a healthy pup.


Puppy/Breeder Qualifications

  1. Parents on site

  2. Parents are pets

  3. No kennels

  4. Owner must have health guarantee on puppies

  5. Must be 1 year genetic health guarantee

  6. Must stand behind their own pups

  7. Pups stay with mom 6 to 8 weeks

  8. Pups must be eating on their own and weaned from mother

  9. Buyers can see pups though an appointment time, any time pup is with seller. 


If you want us to help find you your new best friend. Contact me with a detailed message of what you are looking for. I will give you my promise to work hard in finding your new baby.


Cost: 25% of puppy cost

If your pup is $100, your fee to Stephspups would be $25. 


All pups will have health guarantee, up to date shots, dewormed, and social friendly. Some will have reg. papers.








Are you a breeder? Do you want to be partnered with me?

Send me an email of the type of dogs you breed and what makes you are great partner?

*****I help you sell and advertise

*****If you sell, I do not get anything

*****If I sell, small fee


Are you thinking about becoming a breeder? Do you have a male or female but you do not have the funds to get the other one, I can help with that. I will also teach you how to be a good breeder. Let me know what kind of dog you have and what your current experience in breeding is. 

*****I buy male/female

*****I help sell and advertise

*****I get small fee of all litters


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