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Facts about Havanese!

  • They are a native of Cuba

  • They Earned the nickname "Velcro Dog" because they sick so close to their owner's side. 

  • Most Havanese are eight inches to 11 inches tall at the shoulder

  • Most Havanese weigh between seven to thirteen pounds. 

  • Havanese life span is between 12 to 15 years with proper care and love. 

  • Havanese are just lapdogs; they are trainable and surprisingly energetic. 

  • They are excelled in sports and canine careers, ranging from circus performers to assisting the disabled. 

  • Havanese love your company and do not like to be left alone, they become anxious

  • Havanese love paper, so you may want to keep the paper put up!

Our Babies

All of Stephanie's Havanese are AKC Registered. 



Tequila is full of energy and loves to play with other dogs. She is joyful and loves kids. Tequila loves to play with hair ties and run like the wind.  



Princess is a sweet loving girl. Her personality is a little shy at first but loves to play once she warms up to you. She is super playful and independent. 



King, our next Stud. This amazing little boy is a lover. He loves to play and be the talk of the show. King has a great personality and loves to show off his skills.

Coming Soon


Precious is a tiny Havanese. She is full of fun and energy. She loves to play with toys and throw them herself. 

Coming Soon


Cruella is pretty independent. She like to roam and be with the pack. She likes to play more with the pack but comes to us for some love. She love treats and will follow you for one. 

Coming Soon


Mazikeen is our new babe. more to tell soon.

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