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Havashire's AKA Yorkinese

Facts about HavaShires!

  • Hava-Shires are a designer breed between Havanese and Yorkie. 

  • Some people also know them as Yorkinese.

  • Depending on the parents, Havashires are eight to 12 inches tall at the shoulder. 

  • Havashires weight are generally five to 20 pounds.

  • Havashries life span is expected to be eight to thirteen years

  • Havashires do require daily brushing for long hair. When hair is left short, one to two times a week is good. 

  • Havashires are affectionate and energetic. 

  • They are a great for apartment or house dogs.

  • Havashires are good with kids. 

  • Havashires have little to no sheading. 

  • Havashires do require daily exercise. 

  • Havashires are intelligent and easy to train




New Female-soon

Current Puppies: 


If you would like to go on her waiting list please email me the color you wanting and if male or female.


Males: -800

Females: 800


Puppies come with Vet records, 1st set of shots, and Health Guarantee.


Mom is 6 lb and dad is 10 lb.



Available Puppies- 

Previous Puppies

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