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6-11 lbs



United States

Havanese X Yorkshire Terrier


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  • Havashires are a hybrid between Havanese and Yorkshire Terrier.

  • Havashires coats can vary, depending on parents traits

  • Coats can be straight, wiry or wavy, can be long or short

  • Colors can be black, sable, cream, white, fawn, brown, or mixed

  • Havashires are friendly and loving dogs

  • Havashires want to be with people all day and night

  • Havashires are great for small homes and apartments

  • Havashires are easy to train- they also love to be trained

  • Havashires have a ton of energy

  • Havashires rarely bark but are very alert

  • Havashires requires patience and a calm attitude to train. 

Havashires Maintenance

  • Hypoallergenic breeds

  • Shedding is little to none

  • Brushing:

    • curly hair 2 to 3 times a week

    • straight hair 1 time a week

  • Professional groomer: Once every 6-weeks with proper brushing

  • Best brushes for Havachon

    • Pin Brush

    • Comb

    • Nail Clipper

  • One cup a day

  • Havashires need about 90 minutes of daily exercise, a daily walk in the park or throwing ball back and forth in your backyard is perfect.

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