Miniature Australian Shepherd

Facts about Mini Aussie's!

  • Aussie's are a native of the United States

  • Aussie's are classified as herding dogs

  • These babies where bred to tend livestock and help with work around the farm

  • Aussie's have a history of being Rodeo Dogs

  • Aussie's are very smart, natural learners and can be trained to perform all sorts of tasks.

  • Aussie's are up for learning any game that keeps their mind engaged. 

  • Working is like a game to them, they want to help their owners out as much as they possible can. 

  • Aussie's weight can be 20 to 40 lbs

  • Aussie's size is about 14 to 18 inches, toe to shoulder.

  • Aussie's Temperament is lively, focused, and hardworking 

Our Babies

Mini Aussie.jpg


Eevee is our new baby. Her owner is Steph's Sister, Candy.  More to come as she gets older.