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Miniature Australian Shepherd

Facts about Mini Aussie's!

  • Aussie's are a native of the United States

  • Aussie's are classified as herding dogs

  • These babies where bred to tend livestock and help with work around the farm

  • Aussie's have a history of being Rodeo Dogs

  • Aussie's are very smart, natural learners and can be trained to perform all sorts of tasks.

  • Aussie's are up for learning any game that keeps their mind engaged. 

  • Working is like a game to them, they want to help their owners out as much as they possible can. 

  • Aussie's weight can be 20 to 40 lbs

  • Aussie's size is about 14 to 18 inches, toe to shoulder.

  • Aussie's Temperament is lively, focused, and hardworking 

Our Babies



Eevee is sweet, playful and love attention. She loves toys and being the center of attention. She will talk to you and give you a toy to throw. She is a true pleaser!

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