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Toy-Mini Poodles

Facts about Toy-Mini Poodles

  • Depending on parents, poodles are nine to 15 inches tall at the shoulder

  • Poodles weight are generally 8 to 15 pounds; this also depends on parents

  • Poodles life span is between eight to 13 to 15 years with proper care and love. 

  • Poodles do require daily brushing. Their hair will become matted very fast with no grooming. If you don't like to groom, keep a summer cut.

  • Poodles are known to be alert, intelligent, and loyal.

  • Poodles can learn commands and tricks very quickly.

  • Poodles do require daily exercise. 

  • Poodles do need a consistent, firm hand. 

  • Poodles are the most hypoallergenic of all coated breeds.

Our Babies

All of Stephanie's Poodles are  Registered. 



Gigi is one of our Poodles (designer breed-Havapoo). She is so loving and one to act like a baby. Gigi loves to be around people and loves to be held like a baby. She also has a passion for training. Once Gigi hears the clicker, she is tapping her feet like a little tapper. Gigi has now had three litters and will have two more before time to retire. Her puppies have been known to be 5 to 8 lb max. Gorgeous coat, soft white, and light green eyes!

Tiny- Havapoo


Tiny is one of our Poodles (designer breed-Havapoo). Tiny owner is Michelle and is spoiled by her. Tiny loves just to sit next to someone and be rubbed. She is sweet, loving, and a faithful companion for healing. 



Onyx is a sweet little girl. She loves to just sit on your lap. When it comes time to play with the others she is supper energetic. She can jump pretty high as well. She loves kisses and to be held. 



Here is Bailey. He is full of enjoyment and loves to play. He pay attention to everything and super smart. Bailey is Full Miniture Poodle. He will be the dad of the Assuiedooldles coming in 2022. 



Puppy thinks she is the boss. I would have to say she is the most spoiled one and she knows it. She is at 8lbs and will be bread to a smaller Havanese in 2022. She sure is precious and loveable. 

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