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3 Essential Oils That could harm your Dog_Part 1!

If you love your pet and love essential oils, you must know what is or could be deadly for your fur baby.

1. Anise

a. Anise is used for dogs coughing, changes from mellow to hyperactive, or hyperactive to the

mellow response. Anise is like catnip for cats. It could be useful and not. In limited quantities, it could be safe for your furbaby. If given to much, your furbaby can show symptoms of diarrhea and upset stomach. It can also affect the nervous system, such as lowering heart rate, decreased respiration rate, unconsciousness, coma, and death. Anise essential oil cannot be eaten or put directly on your furbaby. Anise seeds are different; a couple of sprinkled whole anise seeds on your dog food is safe for your furbaby.

2. Birch

a. Birch is a slender, fast-growing tree that has thin bark that peels. Birch is also called xylitol. Not good at all. Birch will cause a sudden drop in blood sugar. This will then cause your pup to show symptoms of depression, dilated pupils, instability, and seizures, leading to liver failure and death. In my opinion, keep this out of the home.

3. Bitter almond

a. We are not talking about processed whole almonds made from the US. We are talking about actual BITTER almonds. These seeds come from an apricot tree. it can also be found in almond extract and liqueurs. Bitter almonds contain hydrogen cyanide, which is toxic for your pet and can die from it. I would stay away for my furbaby's sake.

Remember also to consult your local veterinarian about any essential oils. Understanding your pup and knowing what they are allergic to is vital for their safety.

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