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How I learned to grieve my pet?

Everyone who owns a pet will one day experience the death of a pet. Pets are pets in the beginning, as time goes and loves grows, these pets become our babies. They are part of us!

Not too long ago, my baby girl passed away due to cancer. Lyla was sweet, loving, kind, very playful even before the day she passed. She slept with me, rode in the car, and learned many fun tricks. She also behaved better than my kids! When Lyla pass a part of me went with her, can you relate?

At first, I told myself to be strong and go through your day and let it pass. All I was doing was suppressing my emotions. Sometimes I would feel angry for no reason. I didn't even want to do anything in the house. I noticed that I would feel alone. I know it sounds weird, but only one who has experienced this can relate.

One night before bed, my husband told me that I was different and that I needed to look within myself. The next morning I woke up and realized that I needed to grieve, and I didn't know where to start, what to do, or who to talk too. See, I always had to be the one to hold my head up high for everyone.

So I did some research and noticed there is a lot of info out there. I found this one pet loss guide that helped me open my eyes. The guide is by Robin Jean Brown called How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery. Why did I pick this out of everything else? I felt a connection when reading her info and what others were saying. I could relate to the reading. What I loved most was when I purchased the guide, it had a lot of questions that you had to answer, but this was good because it made me dig deep and find my pain. It helped me remember all the good times of my girl from the day I got her till the day this planet took her for me. By answering all of these questions, remembering, understanding, and patients with myself, I learned to heal and grieve my girl.

So, I wrote this blog to help others like me, others who don't know where to start or what to feel, or need guidance. This guild was a lifesaver for my family, my other furbabies, and the number one person, Myself!

Grieving a pet can be difficult, and you may not even know that you are grieving. This is how I got started.

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