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New Puppy CheckList

Congrats on your new baby! But what do you do now! Here is a quick checklist that can help you get started.

Pre-Puppy Shopping List

  • Adjustable Collar

  • Comfortable leash

  • Dog tag (if you know his/her name)

  • Food bowl (best if off the floor)

  • Water bowl (best if off the floor)

  • Healthy dog food (I recommend Science Diet)

  • Poop bags and holder

  • Crate

  • Harness

  • Dog Bed

Your Baby is coming home List

  • Toys and more toys

  • Chew toys

  • Chase toys

  • Pooper scooper

  • Dog toothpaste and toothbrush

  • Dog shampoo

  • Carpet cleaner

  • Brush

  • Grooming wipes/Eye wipes

  • Dog treats

  • Play Pen

  • Pee-pads

Essential Services

  • Veterinarian

  • Dog trainer

  • Pet sitter/Walker

  • Dog Groomer

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