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Puppy Schedule + Tips

For anyone who has purchased a pup from us.. Here is a bit about our puppies schedule.

Food: Science Diet Puppy Food/ Boiled Chicken and white rice

*you do not have to give them chicken and white rice. This is something I like to do. My dogs are hybrid (raw and kibble)

*Only give pup 15 to 20 minutes to eat. This will teach them that they have to eat or it's taken away. This also shows you how much they are eating at each sitting.

  • 07:30 Eating time

  • 09:00 Playtime (if you are at work, make sure they are in a playpen big enough to use the restroom and play, recommend size 3x3)

  • 12:00 Nap

  • 16:00 Eating time

  • 18:00 Playtime

  • 20:00 Eating time (your pup may and may not eat at this time, sometimes they tend to get hungry after playtime.. If they only take a few bites or none, that is ok)

  • 21:00 Night time

If you need to revise this schedule to fit yours, please do as soon as you can. Puppies adapt well to new schedules and want their owners happy.

**Best time to start training your pup is at 12 weeks.

**Treat your puppy as you will in 2 years from now. Yes, they are sweet and cute as a pup, and all you want to do is hold and kiss them. It is not healthy for the puppy if you will not do the same when it gets bigger. So see your pup as it is already an adult.

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