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Welcome to Stephanie pups.


Stephanie has been raising dogs since she was nine years old. She first started raising pups with her dad. She has learned all the in and outs on raising healthy puppies for fun and loving families. 

All of Stephanie's dogs are raised in good hands are inside dogs. Stephanie grows her dogs around other dogs and people. She understands the importance of the socialization for both her adult dogs and puppies. 

Stephanie breeds Havanese, Havapoos, Havachons, Aussiedoodles, Pocket Bully's.. 

Stephanie knows how important it is to find your new family member. She also knows she cannot raise all breads, so she specialize in finding your new fur baby. Stephanie will do the hard work for you and will make sure you are getting a healthy, non puppy mill, socialized puppy. 

All pups are considered precious living babies and are cared for with passion and love. We make sure all pups leave to their new forever homes healthy, loving, sociable, and a true family member.  

Stephanie wants nothing but the best for not only for her pups, but for the families who also can feel the trust and be worry free.

Let Stephanie be part of you and your families happiness. 

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