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Here you can find some items that I recommend for your new fur baby and also if you are a new puppy owner. 

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CookBook for Dogs.jpg

This cook book is fun. If you are a person who does not want to feed your baby dog food or pre-made dog store food packages, you will love this book. It has healthy and easy to make recipes. I do like that you can save money with her recipes and create a meal plan for your little fur babies. She does give you some extra fun stuff. So I would say it was worth the buy for me. Click Here

Heal your Dog Naturally

This book is one book I recommend everyone to have. If you are a believer in healing a natural way, why not do the same with your pouch. This book is an eBook, so easy to keep in your computer or phone. It helps provide real solutions to your pouch health problems such as allergies, skin disorders, digestive condition, arthritis, and a larger range of other dog health problems. Sometimes we cannot make it to the vet and need something to help in the mean time. This book will help with some peace of mind on what you can do to help your pouch. Click here

Dog Training

30 thing to teach your dog in 30 days.JP

This is a digital dog training program that you can do on your own. It is a pretty interactive program with videos and quizzes. The video seem petty easy to follow. I do like that you can have unlimited access and no recurring fees. This is great for the basics and the basic needs for your pet.  Click Here

The Great Dog Training Secret Never Told

This one is called Dog Training Secrets "they" Don't Want You To Know About.   This training is written by Anthony Louis and his training is good and simple. It is not like your regular type of training.. It does have some difference to it. I do like that this works for any age dog. He also has a dog hotline that can fix almost any is in 10 to 15 min. I also like that you will get your own personal dog trainer help if you need it. He gives you life time updates on new content, which is always nice. 

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