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Yorkies- Dakota

Facts about Yorkies (Are they for you?)

  1. Very energetic

  2. WEIGHT: General 3 TO 7 LB

  3. HEIGHT: GENERAL: 7 to 9 in

  4. LIFE SPAN: 12 to 15 years

  5. Hunters

  6. Easy to train

  7. Loyal and gentle

  8. Occasionally anxious around small animals and children

  9. Regular and consistent grooming is necessary

  10. NO shedding

  11. Can help on a look out 


Mom & Dad

Born: None Yet

Ready no later than:


If you would like to go on waiting list please email me if you are looking for Male or Female. 


Males: 500

Females: 800


All puppies come with Health Guarantee, 1st set of shots, vet records, and reg. papers. 


Mom is 4lb and dad is 4.5lb





Lil' Boy

Kensi loves to be on your lap. She is your bigger size Yorkshire Terrier, weighing at 10lbs. We sometimes call her hopper because she can jump! Kensi loves attention and will stay next to you all day if she could.  She is a great watchdog. She likes to look out the window to make sure the house is safe. 

Previous Puppies

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