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Yorkshire Terrier

Facts about Yorkshire Terrier's  

  • Depending on bloodline, Yorkies are eight to 9 inches tall at the shoulder

  • Yorkies weight are generally five to 7 pounds; this also depends on parents

  • Yorkies life span is between eight to 13 to 20 years with proper care and love. 

  • Yorkies do require daily brushing for long hair. When hair is left short, brushing one to two times a week is perfect. 

  • Yorkies are affectionate and energetic.

  • Yorkies are great for apartment or house dogs

  • Yorkies are good with kids

  • Yorkies do require daily exercise. 

  • Yorkies are intelligent and easy to train. 

  • Yorkies are ratters, when they were the first breed, they were breed to eliminate the common vermin of rats 

  • Yorkies were used for flushing out prey from their prey.

  • Yorkies' original home in Scotland and was previously named Broken-Haired Scotch Terrie's, and then they moved to England.

Our Babies

All of Stephanie's Yorkies  AKC Registered. 



Dakota is six pounds. She is the sweetest little baby. She loves to be held and treated like a baby. She is calm and sweet. Loves to be next to you and will follow you every where you go.

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